Activities at North Kent



Lighthouses on the Air

Lighthouses on the Air
The International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend. Lighthouse locations are activated by clubs located in over 40 countries.

At our "secret site" on the banks of the river Thames we attempt to contact other clubs that are operating either in - or close by to a registered lighthouse.

It is not a contest, just a day of fun which starts with a traditional English breakfast at the local cafe.

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Direction finding
DF Hunt

The way that DF Hunts work

The first transmission will be at 20.00 hours and will be audible from the Bexleyheath area.
The frequency in use will be 145.35 +/- QRM and transmission will last for 2 minutes every 10
minutes until 21.00 hours. Then 1 minute every 5 minutes.

It involves lots of consulting of maps and pointing of beam antennas.



In partnership with the 1st Foots Cray Cub Scout Group, NKRS puts on a full range of activities that allow the cubs to qualify for a number of badges - and have fun .

The cubs have a great time but so do NKRS members. It is a fun and sometimes quite noisy day (the cubs work off a lot of energy).

This is an example how ham radio clubs can engage with the community, and who knows, one day a cub might join the hobby.


Morse Code

Morse Code

The cubs really like learning about morse code and they take it in turns to send a message to another cub. This of course wins them another badge!